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I*PMIS  Sales & Support Critical Problem Solving in High Volume Production
Web Enabled Project Management EVM PMIS  Vendor Supported Installations and Upgrades
Project & Portfolio Management Infrastructure Security Administration
Feasibility Study/Project Planning Technical Support
Requirements Analysis Web Site Development & Administration
Software Vendor Evaluation, Selection & Conversion HTML, JavaScript & Perl CGI Cloud Programming
System Design & Development (SDLC) Interim Staffing
Testing, Implementation & Production Turnovers Inventory & Gap Analysis with Strategic Plan
Application Enhancements, Large, Medium & Small Failure/Interface Failure Analysis
System & Database Administration Financial Planning & Budgeting
Outsourcing Management Capital Expenditure/Cost Benefit Analysis
Legacy On Line & Batch Mainframe Programming Cost Cutting Review
IBM® z/OS®, CA IDMS®, SQL, ADSO® & Cobol The Solution to Your Problems
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