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Title of Course                                                                          Provider  

  PMP, Project Management Professional Certified                      PMI,  Project Management Institute
                                                                                                      Innovators, Inc.   for exam preparation

  Agile Leader Certified                                                                SSGI, Six Sigma Global Institute

  Scrum Master Certified                                                              SSGI, Six Sigma Global Institute

  Introduction to Expression Web 4                                             Timothy Web Design
                                                                                                      see www.timothywebdesign.net

  Adobe Dreamwever CS6                                                          Adobe
  Classroom in a Book

  IBM DB2 UDB Fundamentals

  Accessing Data and Manipulating DB2 UDB
  Database Objects                                                                     Skillsoft Netwind Learning Center

 Maintaining DB2 UDB Consistency
  Isolation Levels and Locks                                                        Skillsoft Netwind Learning Center

 Manipulating Data with DB2 UDB                                              Skillsoft Netwind Learning Center

Planning and Securing a DB2 UDB Database                              Skillsoft Netwind Learning Center

IBM Certified Administrator DB2 UDB

  Administering Data Placement in DB2 UDB                              Skillsoft Netwind Learning Center

  Managing Database Access is DB2 UDB                                  Skillsoft Netwind Learning Center

  Managing Disaster Recover in a DB2 UDB Database                Skillsoft Netwind Learning Center

  Managing a DB2 UDB Server                                                   Skillsoft Netwind Learning Center

  Monitoring a DB2 UDB Database                                             Skillsoft Netwind Learning Center

  Utilizing DB2 UDB Utilities                                                       Skillsoft Netwind Learning Center

SharePoint                                                                                  VTC, The Virtual Training Company, Inc.

Agile Project Management with Scrum (book)                             Ken Schwaber

MySQL                                                                                      VTC, Virtual Training Company, Inc

Value Engineering CLE001                                                          Defense Acquisition University

Introduction to Lean Enterprise Concepts  CLE004                      Defense Acquisition University

Lean 6 Sigma for Manufacturing  CLE007                                    Defense Acquisition University

Six Sigma Concepts and Processes   CLE008                              Defense Acquisition University

IBM Rational Software Development Conference                         IBM

The CA IDMS Role in Today Business Applications                     WebCast by Computer Associates

Adobe Dreamweaver                                                                   Virtual Training Company

Introduction to Apache Web Server                                             Virtual Training Company

Microsoft .NET Basics, 7 disc series                                             Career Academy.com

Developing Cost Effective Web Service/SOA for CA-IDMS        Webcast by Computer Associates
using zIPP Specialty Engine

CA IDMS/DB r17 Indexing Enhancements                                   Webcast by Computer Associates                   

Ups and Downs of zIIPs and zAAPs, z9 and z10 processors         Webcast by Computer Associates 

Automating Analysis of CA IDMS Applications with EZ Source    Webcast by Computer Associates and EZ Legacy.  www.EZLegacy.com

CA IDMS r17 zIIP Feature                                                           Webcast by Computer Associates

State of Iowa Enables .Net Web access to CA IDMS                   Webcast by Computer Associates

CGI Programming 101 Perl for the world wide web                       Jacqueline D. Hamilton

Introduction to JAVA for Mainframe Developers & JAVA Programming       Onsite Seminar LLC   &  CBTPlanet                       

Microsoft Project         CERTIFIED                                           International Institute for Learning

PDD Symposium                                                                            PMI Minnesota Chapter

Using OPM3                                                                                  PMI Minnesota Chapter

Energizing Critical Relationships                                                      PMI Minnesota Chapter

Napoleon on Project Management                                                  Self Directed Reading

PMP Exam Preparation                                                                  Innovators, Inc.

Computer Security Awareness Training                                           United States Centers for Disease Control

Dynamics of Leadership                                                                  Skillsoft

Communicating a Shared Vision                                                      Skillsoft

Managing Efficiencies of IT Projects                                                 Skillsoft

Managing the Execution and Control of IT Projects                           Skillsoft

Functions of IT Project Managers                                                     Skillsoft

The Life Cycle of an IT Project                                                         Skillsoft

Introduction to IT Project Mgmt                                                        Skillsoft

Crystal Reports                                                                                 Skillsoft

Introduction to HTML                                                                      Viagrafix

Intermediate HTML                                                                          Viagrafix

Advanced HTML                                                                             Viagrafix

Front Page                                                                                         Microsoft/ Viagrafix

Top Page                                                                                           IBM

Transition to the PowerBuilder Environment                                        Powersoft

System Administration for MSFT SQL Server for Window NT          MSFT Education Services

Access                                                                                               MSFT Education Services

IDMS/R  SQL                                                                                   Computer Associates

Multiple Database Environment                                                           Cullinet

Database Design for Performance                                                       Cullinet

OLQ Admin                                                                                       Cullinet

Internals of IDMS-CV/DC/UCF                                                        Cullinet

Internals of IDMS/R                                                                            Cullinet

Implementing and Maintaining and IDMS/R Database                          Cullinet

Defining the IDMS/R Database                                                           Cullinet

IDMS/R Operating Guidelines                                                             Cullinet

IDMS Database Design                                                                       Cullinet

IDD Implementation and Control                                                          Cullinet

IDMS/R System Gen and Ops                                                             Cullinet

IDMS/R Database Navigation                                                              Cullinet

Database Concepts and Facilities                                                           Cullinet

Continue to attend the Monthly PMI continuing education meetings.

Attended multiple Cullinet/CA annual conference/seminars from 1987 to 1997 for additional continuing education.


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