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Mr. De Neui is a PMI, Project Management Institute, certified Project Management Professional  with  over 30 years of experience in information systems projects.  Mr. De Neui is a graduate with both MBA and BSB degrees from the University of Minnesota with majors in finance, accounting and management information systems.  Mr. De Neui has demonstrated very strong problem-solving and analytical skills with experience in consulting, project management, waterfall and agile/scrum methodologies, application enhancements across all phases of the SDLC, systems analysis, design and programming, unit testing, system testing, regression testing, implementations, database system administration, complex system upgrades, vendor transition, technical support, security administration, project planning and estimating, requirements definition, software package evaluation and selection,  financial planning and forecasting, budgeting and capital expenditure analysis.   Mr. De Neui's technical experience is concentrated primarily in projects in the IBM mainframe Z/OS MVS/ESA environments with IDMS, DB2, COBOL, SQL, and ADSO but also has worked tiered systems with LAN interfaces to MSFT SQL server Access and Oracle databases.   More recently Mr. De Neui has completed the development of I*PMIS,  a comprehensive project management information system using e-commerce web technology (HTML, JavaScript and Perl) and the incorporation of IStarPMIS, LLC to market I*PMIS.  You may view an expanded description of the product I*PMIS on the company's website  Mr. De Neui's industry experience includes healthcare, banking, grocery warehousing, industrial products, grain trading, insurance and government/military.  Mr. De Neui would characterize himself as a Consultant/Project Manager who isn't afraid to not only manage the project but is technically competent enough to do the actual work that may or may not impact an entire organization.



University of Minnesota, MBA, Finance/MIS

University of Minnesota, BSB, Accounting/MIS

PMP – Project Management Professional certification from Project Management Institute


Minneapolis, MN
Principal Consultant
October 2010  to the Present

    IStarPMIS, LLC is an independent consulting firm providing project management and information system consulting services throughout the United States and selected foreign countries.  

      From October 2010 to the present Mr. De Neui has completed the following activities.

1.   Completed the design, testing and implementation of I*PMIS, a comprehensive project management information system.  Please see for a description of this product.

2.   Defined and registered the trademark I*PMIS with the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

3.   Formed the legal entity IStarPMIS, LLC.

4.   Designed, programmed and implemented the website.

5.   Designed, programmed and implemented  a world wide web on line training and certification system for the I*PMIS product.

6.   Added back office billing, accounts receivable and payroll functions to the I*PMIS product.

7.   Mr. De Neui continues to actively participate in the local chapter of the Project Management Institute to maintain the current status of his PMP credential.

8.   Mr. De Neui is currently performing continuous product improvement on the I*PMIS product, marketing the I*PMIS project management product and his own skills as a consultant, project manager and programmer. 


US Army Camp Carroll, South Korea
Information Systems Specialist
February 2010 to September  2010

    URS, Contractor to the United States Army USFK, URS Corporation is a leading provider of engineering, construction and technical services for public agencies and private sector companies around the world.

    Responsibilities included providing consulting, project management and programming support delivering a management reporting system on location at US Army Camp Carroll, South Korea.


Thomas M. De Neui Consulting
Minneapolis, MN.
Principal Consultant
June 2007 to January 2010

    After 30 years of distinguished service in the IT industry, the last five years away from home Mr. De Neui took a brief sabbatical to catch up on things back home.  During this time Mr. De Neui completed several home improvement projects: a total exterior renovation of a second home in north central Minnesota and the finishing of a basement including installation of a new bathroom in his primary residence in Lakeville, Minnesota. 

    Wishing to broaden his technical competencies Mr. De Neui used his free time to review and take coursework in three major web technologies, Microsoft .Net, Java and the open source LAMP platform.  In order to develop an in depth understanding of at least one of the technologies Mr. De Neui selected the Perl language and LAMP platform to complete a pilot project for his own company.    This pilot project would be to write the programs that would allow the completion, submission and review of status reports, timesheets and expense reports over the world wide web.   The pilot project was a huge success and inspired Mr. De Neui to attempt a far more aggressive project, a project management information system using both the waterfall and agile/scrum methodologies.

   Midway through the project, Mr. De Neui won a contract through URS for some work with the United States Army and so work on the project management information system was tabled.

CRI, Client Resources, Inc.
Omaha, NB
September 2005 to June 2007

   CRI, Client Resources Inc is a regional consulting firm providing consulting services to clients in Nebraska and surrounding states.

   Responsibilities included provided consulting project management and programming support delivering one major  upgrade and numerous minor upgrades to the clients billing system.  The included the requirements definition, designing, programming, testing and implementation of COBOL and ADSO programs using the IDMS database on the IBM Z/OS mainframe environment.   The client was CNA Surety in Sioux Falls, SD.

Dyncorp subsidiary of Computer Sciences Corporation
Atlanta, GA
Computer Technology Scientist
March 2003 to June  2005

   Dyncorp and Computer Sciences Corporation specialize in providing cost effective solutions to government and industry.  Computer Sciences Corporation’s principal activity is to provide management and information technology consulting, systems integration and outsourcing.  Computer Sciences Corporation employs 90,000 employees worldwide and had earnings of 519.4 million on revenues of 14.8 Billion in 2004.

   Responsibilities included providing consulting, project management and programming services in the writing of COBOL/IDMS programs to convert and move data from the TOPS Federal Success Financial Management and Accounting System to the new Oracle Financial System for the Financial Systems Branch,  Financial Management Office of the United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in Atlanta, GA.

Edina, MN

Principal Consultant
September 1999  to June  2002

   Keane is an internationally recognized business and technology consulting firm.  Worked under several different outsourcing service level agreements at the Keane customer sites of SuperValu and Ecolab.

1.   Provided consulting, project management and programming services in the definition, preparation, presentation and completion of detailed proposals, estimates and work plans to perform application enhancements in a Cobol/ADSO/IDMS/DB2 IBM Z/OS/MVS environment. Clients included SuperValu and Ecolab.

2.   Analyzed and repaired complex batch jobs and high volume on-line dialogs for emergency repairs.  Read through OS/MVS JCL and Cobol/ADSO/IDMS/DB2 program code to identify the problem JCL syntax, program code or data sets and define a solution to fix the failure.  Resolved and fixed critical problems within very short time frames.  Clients included SuperValu and Ecolab.

3.   Solved data processing problems in complex batch job streams, batch programs and high volume on-line dialogs on a non-emergency environment.  Required a significant research to formulate an efficient solution.   Clients Included SuperValu's buying purchasing system and Ecolab's Edge Service Reporting system both OS/MVS systems.

4.   Installed upgrades, acted as a liason for Ecolab to resolve production problems and fixes of both Code-1 Plus and Mailstream software from Group 1.

5.   Provided Year 2000 rollover emergency support for SuperValu.

Intervise Solutions
St. Paul, MN

Senior Consultant
May  1998 to August 1999

   Intervise Solutions is a national professional services organization offering solutions to Fortune 1000 companies in the mid-tier market. 

1.   Responsibilities included provided consulting, project management and programming services in the unit and system testing of OS/MVS IDMS systems for code remediation of date calculation issues at Pillsbury by using two products, Hourglass by AXIOS to set the system date forward on the IDMS OS/MVS test CV's and Date2000 by ASPG.  I was responsible for  testing the IDMS OS/MVS CV and the data aging of the databases for  year 2000 compliance.

2.   Prepared complex and lengthy OS/MVS batch jobs for date calculation testing, specifically the HQIC system, the Headquarters Inventory Control System.  Reviewed OS/MVS JCL in order to determine internal and external data sets so that a proper test could be made using year 2000 data.  Participated in the testing and review of results to verify that an inventory control system was year 2000 compliant.  Pillsbury has since been merged with General Mills.

Edina, MN

Senior Consultant
April 1997 to April 1998

    Keane is an internationally recognized business and technology consulting firm.  The primary client was Health Risk Management.

1.   Responsibilities included providing consulting, project management and programming services to maintain and enhance a client billing system for Keane client, Health Risk Management.  

2.   Analyzed and repaired complex high volume claim processing on-line dialogs for emergency repairs at Health Risk management.  The dialogs were written in Focus.

3.   Recommended Year 2000 solutions for the billing system at Health Risk Management.

4.   Represented data processing on the user application steering committee where problems, enhancements and repairs were discussed and prioritized.

Harvest States Cooperatives
St. Paul, MN
Technical Project Leader
January 1987 to March 1997

    Harvest States Cooperatives is a $3 billion grain trading company.  Enjoyed full responsibility for IDMS, an OS/MVS-based enterprise database management system that is an all-encompassing applications environment.  The system runs under an IBM 3090 in OS/MVS environment.  Worked closely with the data center and MVS programming staff to insure uninterrupted service to the grain traders.  Since I left Harvest States Cooperatives has merged with Cenex and is now called Cenex Harvest States - Land O'Lakes.

1.   Provided the technical project leadership to that included the environment administration, system upgrades, database administration, and security of the IDMS database management system.

2.   Maintained an environment that could accommodate unanticipated upgrades, expansion or down sizing.  The maintenance of a workable range of alternatives was critical as trading volumes could swing wildly.

3.   Developed detailed staffing plans and managed all upgrade projects.

4.   Prepared and administered procedures for making changes to the environment of IDMS.

5.   Monitored not only CPU but also all transaction levels. 

6.   Conducted around-the-clock statistics gathering and analysis, including identifying peaks, spikes and trends.  Reviewed statistics multiple times a day and kept management informed of significant changes and trends.   Assisted management in hardware sizing decisions with knowledge of volume statistics.

7.   Responsible for projections for hardware purchasing and software demand.  Prepared hardware requirements based on usage statistics.  Consulted on hardware replacement strategies.

8.   Worked very closely with MVS system programmers, keeping system fully available 99.9% of the time.

9.   Developed and executed detailed work plans to perform IDMS data base system upgrades to new releases.  Completed work plans to upgrade a vendor accounts payable package.  This effort included significant system wide testing to insure that the upgrades went in smoothly with a minimum amount of impact on the computing community.

10.    Communicated with management - forecasting hardware needs, growth rates, staffing needs, and organizational impact resulting from upgrades or system changes.

11.   Provided technical support for a complex database system.  Functioned as the primary liaison for IDMS software problems.  Discovered and resolved problems and kept system available 99.9% of the time. 

12.   Responsible for the security access for all of the applications residing under IDMS. 

13.   Reviewed and recommended approval (or not) for all IDMS maintenance invoices.

14.   Researched technical solutions to data processing problems using a variety of readily available and/or obscure resources. Resulted in fixing technical problems in this complex IBM mainframe environment.

15.   Completed an upgrade to Release 12.1 that enables the mainframe to function as a server with ODBC compliant software as well as perform traditional mainframe functions.

16.   Was also responsible for the Computer Associates Accounts Payable application, serving as a problem solver for the applications user community and performance of release upgrades

17.   Was the primary liaison for Computer Associates’ software problems.




An extended version of this resume is available on request which includes additional experiences at the following companies:


ITT Consumer Financial Corp.

Farm Credit Services
Cenex Harvest States - Land O'Lakes Cooperatives

Peat, Marwick, Mitchell & Co.

The University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics.

Fairview Community Hospitals (now Fairview Health Services)

Apache Corporation